Sunday, June 2, 2013


the train goes as far as its tracks allow it to go,
the same with a ship in relation to the sea,
with a plane to the number of airports
or the present, presently has no hyperlink capabilities,
it’s a pair of shoes running big or small,
a drone in the air paying no mind
to children in playgrounds & the elderly in nursing homes,
paying no mind to their two conflicting stories
about the future, about the past
or breadcrumbs, false hope being better than no hope,
playing the lottery a way to cope with the myth
of personal ability, social mobility,
a way of looking forward to something, anything
there’s something to be said
about getting lost in thought under the glare & care of the sun,
about ambition being overrated,
about happiness, peace being closer to a healthy dose
of conformism
now that we’re on the subject:
do birds ever bump into other birds when flying?
do astronauts experience daylight?
or is it always nighttime in outer space?
c. a. campos, 2013 

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